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Who we are

Deerfield Advisors Insurance Agency is a Risk Management Boutique, passionate about our corporate values and operating philosophy which can be summed up in the phrase “excellence in all things.” Our commitment to the ideal of “excellence in all things” essentially defines us as a firm, and governs our client relationships in every way. This is our true north & something consistent you can count on. Our commitment to be excellent in all things naturally requires a code of only the highest ethical standards and the adherence to a set of constant core values that are non-negotiable & do not change. We put great importance on virtues such as trust, integrity, transparency, and the Golden Rule.

What we do

We are full service Risk Managers with a truly unique package of four Risk Management services we employ on behalf of our Business & Individual clients. As Advisors, Brokers/Professional Insurance Buyers, Managers/Administrators, and Consultants we bundle a lot of important and unique services together that can significantly simplify the whole process of addressing your needs in Risk, Insurance, Employee Benefits, HR Compliance, and Obamacare Compliance.

How we are different

From our very beginning almost twenty years ago we made a solemn promise to put our clients first no matter what, to make it about you not us, to solve your problems not ours, to make our passion your best interest. Our philosophy of “excellence in all things” is extraordinary, our unique skill sets, capabilities, & value adds are exceptional, our experience, integrity, competence, responsiveness, expertise, and knowledge altogether make for an unquestionably compelling value proposition.

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