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Health History Risk for the Dentist

Failing to properly consider patient’s medical history could cost a life—and millions of dollars. In 2009, a New Jersey court awarded the family of a 21-year-old man $11 million in a lawsuit against an oral surgeon. The man had a genetic disorder that caused his throat to swell during surgery, thereby suffocating him. The court found the surgeon, who knew about the condition, to be... Read Article

Texas Supreme Court allows loss-of-use damages for total loss cases

Written by: The Deerfield Team On January 8, 2016, the Texas Supreme Court released a decision that reversed a 60-year trend in Texas auto insurance litigation. In J&D Towing, LLC vs. American Alternative Insurance Corp. (AAIC), the Court reversed a confusing trend of prohibiting the recovery of loss-of-use damages in total loss cases. Traditionally, claimants whose damaged property can be repaired are entitled to recover... Read Article

FMCSA Basics: Driver Regulations

 Written by: The Deerfield Team The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates interstate trucking and bus transportation. The agency’s regulations and methodologies are ever always in flux, with changes proposed as recently as January 15, 2016. The medical qualifications and regulations for drivers are no exception, though general requirements have remained relatively consistent. Here’s what you need to know about general requirements and recent changes... Read Article

FMCSA Overview

Written by: The Deerfield Team The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration regulates the safety of Commercial Motor Vehicles, or CMVs. It is a federal agency under the U.S. Department of Transportation whose primary mission is “to prevent crashes, injuries and fatalities involving large trucks and buses,” according to its Facebook page. What is a Commercial Motor Vehicle (CMV)? A CMV is a vehicle used on... Read Article

How Important Is Cargo Securement?

Written by: The Deerfield Team How many times have you witnessed a truck/trailer (small or large), with loose or improperly secured cargo? A piece of loose cargo can easily bounce off the vehicle and present a hazard to other motorists or pedestrians. As truck operators, you are expected to safeguard the product transported. The motoring public expects a company or organization to protect it against... Read Article


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