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A Brief History & Overview – First in a Series on FMLA

Prior to FMLA~  Prior to the Family Medical Leave Act of 1993, an employer could deny family & medical leave for any rea-son and even fire an employee for taking the leave. This became more of an issue starting in the 1970’s, as more woman be-gan to work outside the home. By 1990, the work force was 47% female and 53% male. Woman routinely lost their...

Making Better “Restaurant Employee” Hiring Decisions

Half of all hiring decisions don’t work out; I hear money going down the drain of many restaurant establishments as I write this. The reason for this is pretty easy to deduce; either the restaurant owner makes the wrong decision or the candidate decides they are in the wrong job. When budgets are tight and failure is costly, the fine dining restaurant establishment cannot afford to...

How to Prevent Slips & Falls in Restaurants

Even though restaurants are not thought of as a “high risk environment,” slips and falls do occur more often than they should and are the leading cause of injuries in the industry. It has been estimated that more than 3,000,000 restaurant employees and 1,000,000 restaurant guests are injured annually from accidental slips and falls. These accidents are costing more than an estimated $2,000,000,000 dollars a...

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